In the market, both companies, Apple and Google, currently have launched car infotainment systems. The systems are often too complicated to operate while driving. They allow drivers and passengers to control music, navigate, and communicate by way of voice commands and the car’s manual controls.
Basically, a better app means to offer safer driving for the user. I would like to compare both apps which app has better functionality and ease. I will evaluate the usability of an interface.

Testing Environment
1. A car with an infotainment deck that supports Apple Car Play and Google Android Auto.
2. Inside a car that supports Apple Car Play and Android Auto.
3. Android phone, iPhone, Laptop, timer, note, pen.

1. 4 participants (Age 20~50).
2. Performing 3 formative tasks.
3. Brief pre-test training.
4. Each task does twice, both systems.

Findings and Recommendations
Both systems feature nearly identical functionality and performance. Two systems show to be the difference between UI and UX design. It is working with a voice command and finger touch, but the systems are set up to use the voice command predominantly.
The voice command system is smart, and it mostly understands the user’s voice command. Each participant showed satisfaction using two systems and was impressed.
Both systems basically offer several functions, navigation, call, music, and etc., and new functions are added to the systems. The most important function is navigation because it is equipped with the phone for driving.
The participants preferred Android Auto to Apple Car Play. Android Auto offers a better map system, and its algorithm and graphic are great because Google has been scaling up a lot of user data and improving the system as well as speed.
The feedback of this usability testing shows both leading systems in the market need improvement. The booth is great, but they are not yet friendly to users. UI requires efficient design. Of course, companies are oriented to voice commands, but it is not perfect, many times users need to fix the users’ order.