We started the project from one question of why bees are important.
Honey bees are the world’s most important pollinator of crops.

Pollinators are important for food crops to be pollinated. As we know, honey bees are the most important pollinator of insects on our planet, and they are getting population declines. So, we need to continually protect bees to keep and sustain ecosystems as their population declines in educating kids as a kind of play because it is an easy way to understand and how it works.
We are considering the viewpoint of kids for this project. We try its work to be simple and clear as a mini-game.

We made a prototype which is a small size of a version of this project and video which is to present for a concept.
I made the prototype with an Arduino board which is a small power computer programmable and tried coding for functional working.

– Arduino UNO board
– Magnetic sensors
– Dot-matrix display
– Breadboard
– Wire
– 2 colors LED light
– Magnetic
– Flowers
– Processing 3